Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's a wise decision to get your Google My Business profile verified and optimized

Congrats on making the wise decision to get your Google My Business profile verified and optimized.
You have now taken the first step towards showing up in Google and are well on your way to reaping the benefits of that!

That being said, all of our new clients eventually end up asking us the same question.
They always want to know if there is “anything extra” we can do for them to make sure they show up in the top of the search results.

And that’s completely understandable because all business owners know
the businesses lucky enough to be listed at the top are the ones who get the bulk of the phone calls.
So NOW is your chance to determine if you’re actually ‘in it to win it’ with your business…

Because if you’re not willing to do whatever it takes.

Your company will fade into the background…
…behind your competitors and the crazed media that’s uploaded every day to the internet.
I’d like to make you 3 incredibly bold Promises throughout this video.
Promise #1: You can easily generate 10 TIMES your current traffic flow and MAXIMIZE your sales each and every month.

Watch this video to the VERY END to find out how to make this happen in your business – WITHOUT doing any of the work!

Crazy thing is,

Most business owners stop after optimizing their Google My Business profile.
The Business owners who do that will feel the pain of less customers and less attention.

Because the truth is…

You absolutely cannot be listed at the top of Google if your profile isn’t optimized…
Lucky for you, we’ve taken care of that part for you.
But, there are several steps that need to be taken “outside of Google” to make sure you show up in the top 3 listings.

The true beauty of what I’m about to show is that you sit back and do nothing, while I work my magic and bring you more business.

Promise #2: After the first few weeks of working with me, you’ll be shocked by the results you get.
You see, with all of my new clients I set 3 important goals.
These goals ensure that we help to boost the amount of phone calls you get and the amount of new sales you make!

Goal #1: Traffic: Think about the minimum amount of attention your website needs,
to even make enough money to cover the expenses of production.  
Shorty, you’ll discover how to easily get at least 3 times more traffic than you’re currently getting

Goal #2: Sales: Imagine how hard it will be to reach your sales goal this month,
how much work it will take to get there and how many hours a day will be wasted
trying to actually boost your sales, the hard way by doing it all yourself.
And don’t forget all the content that has to be created to actually attract your target customer and convert them into sales.
Regardless of your product or service, your company HAS to make sales in order to succeed.

Goal #3: Domination: Picture the smug look on your competitors face when they are left on Page 5
of the Search Engines, where no customers will ever see them.
Meanwhile you’ll be on the very FIRST page to be 1st picked by your target audience.
You’ll dominate the market in your industry and leave your competition in the dust.
You see, it’s getting harder and harder to get your business to the TOP of the local search results.
And the reason that’s happening is because Google keeps making more room in the search results

To compensate for all their paid advertisements.

And that’s OK.

Being an entrepreneur yourself, I’m sure you can relate to Google wanting to turn a profit.
But that doesn’t make it suck any less.

Recently Google rolled out what’s being called the “Snack Pack” update.
This update basically eliminated 57% of businesses who were on the front page in the local search results.

That’s right…

They want from 7 local businesses being listed, down to just 3 local businesses.
So now, not only does your “profile optimization” have to be on point…

Your “off page optimization” also needs to be A Grade, or else you’ll be left
On page 2 and beyond with all the other frustrated business owners in your niche!

And the thing is, out of the MILLIONS of websites out there, only a few ever get found.
Just imagine how much work you’ll have to do just to “compete” neck and neck
with your competitor to be lucky enough to grab one of those top 3 spots…

… and then imagine you hiring me to force your website to the #1 spot in the Google local listings.
and literally flush your competitors off the first page forever!

Honestly, I know you’ll have incredible success working with me.

And I’ll tell you why…

With each new client that signs up for my “Done For You” ranking service
I take care of these 6 steps on a monthly basis to make sure you get ranked

And more importantly…STAY RANKED

Step #1: Citation Analysis and monthly optimization:
A citation is simply a listing on popular “online directories” like YELP, CitySearch, Manta etc..
It’s absolutely CRITICAL that your Name, Address, and Phone Number are listed EXACTLY the same
On each and every one of these sites.
This is sometimes referred to as NAP consistency.
I’ll do an analysis to make sure there are no inaccuracies showing up anywhere online
And then I’ll continue building citations for your business month after month!

Step #2: Keyword Research: The keywords that your targeted customers are using
to search for something to buy, will be traced down.
Using these hidden ‘Buyer Keywords’ to optimize your ranking on the local search results,
I will put your website right in front of your target audience.

Step #3: Competition Analysis: Yes, that’s right! I will analyze your competitors
every move online because they will give us an understanding of how they are getting their ranking.

Copying their tactics is not illegal when you do it BETTER and out rank them!

They won’t know what hit them when you take their spot!

Step #4: Consistent Keyword Updates: I’ll ‘tag’ and follow your customers to keep your website
in front of their faces by keeping your keywords up to date on the NEW ‘buyer keywords’.

You see, your keywords will be consistently watched and updated
to give your company a ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ feel ALL the time.

Step 5#: Compelling Content Creation: I’ll steadily create fresh and unique content for your company.
Whether that’s citations, social content or profile content, you will end up with links on every local directory listing.

Your website will be gaining links ONLY from sites that are relevant and similar to your niche.
This will skyrocket your company’s authority and popularity in Google’s local listings!

Step #6: Detailed Progress Tracking Reports: You’ll see in detail what’s happened
each month as well as any tweaks and updates I’ve made to your campaign to improve your results.  
From these reports you’ll be able to see just how well your listing is performing and the results you’ll be getting from it.

And here’s my last promise to you:

You won’t have to deal with ANY shady tactics being used to get your business to the top of the Search Engines

Because you’ll get step by step communication through every move made with your business.

We would never do anything to jeopardize your business reputation online.

So before this video disappears forever, you have a unique and limited opportunity
For me to work on your business optimization month in and month out!

This will surely increase the amount of new leads coming into your business and more sales to your bottom line!

Right now, you basically have 3 options…

Option 1:

You could go back to doing what you are doing now, where the media will drown you out and
you’ll be sitting in your chair pondering other ways to beat your competition and honestly,
we both know you’ve watched this video because that isn’t working for you anymore.

Option 2: You could take what you learned from this video and try it out yourself,
where you will do great for the first week or 2 uploading new fresh content, building new citations etc…
then your busy schedule will most likely drag you down and put your marketing on ‘the back burner’

The most popular option …

Option 3: You could determine right this second that you are serious and determined
to get your business to the TOP of the local search results and making more money than you can imagine.

If you’re ready for ongoing, consistent results in your business
I encourage you to take the next step by clicking the buy button on this page

When you do…I’ll immediately get started on the ‘hard work’ for you.
Going from a small player in the game to a dominator of your local market should be your goal

That’s my goal for you and I plan to knock that goal out of the park!
Go ahead and click that buy button and let’s get started TODAY!

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