Friday, September 6, 2013

The best Gold IRA investment for a secure future- Regal Assets

Regal Assets is a potentially developing company with regards to bringing you all the
assistance you require to invest in Gold IRA and just gold in general. It will guide you
and help you pick the right metal to add on to your retirement investment plan.
United States (September 6, 2013) --- Gold IRA (International Retirement Account) is
the new fast-growing trend in the investment preferences by many American
citizens. It has proved its superiority over traditional investment inclinations that
would include stock market investments, the real estate investment plans and so on.
The extremely unstable stock markets has spurred a fear even in the hearts of the
risk takers. As far as real estate investments are concerned, the incessantly falling
home and property prices are not doing any good, either. There are statistics offered
in the form of Gold IRA growth since 2004:-

The statistics table above clearly shows an impeccable growth in the past eight years
with respect to Gold IRA. It is not just since eight years that investment in gold has
commenced, it is a historically sustained way to invest in gold to hedge and secure
your retirement investment account to leverage it to make it long-term returns on
investment. A great example to help you understand better is that if you had
purchased gold worth $33,000 in 2004, you could sell that gold for around
$129,551.12, that is 300% return on investment. This video link will answer all your
questions regarding Gold IRA investment:

With Regal Assets having your back it is very easy to set up a Gold IRA account, either
by a transfer or a rollover of your existing retirement plans. Gold is not the only metal
that can be held in a retirement plan. The current list by the United States
government with regard to the acceptable precious metals for retirement accounts

· Gold
· Silver
· Platinum
· Palladium

“Regal Assets made it easy to transfer my IRA's to a precious metal IRA I was hesitant
to trust my conversion of mutual funds IRA to an online precious metal IRA. However,
I found that Regal Assets was very professional and helped me through the process
painlessly." - David K (a satisfied Regal Assets client).

“We, at Regal Assets, understand that you are presented with an array of choices of
who to buy the gold from, but as the owner of a reputed company in the business we
take immense pride in the A+ BBB rating that has been bestowed on our company.
Apart from that, Regal Assets has been featured in the Forbes Magazine 2013
Investment Special, a copy of which you get free on the purchase of Gold IRA kit.”

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  1. It is a special thing to see that an investment company puts their customers ahead of profits. Regal Assets does this & more. I do plan to give them a call in the very near future !